Mike Loades - Going Medieval

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Mike Loades - Going Medieval

Postby Galloglaich » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:56 pm

Watched this the other day on my work iPad*.

http://www.mikeloades.co.uk/cms/index.p ... &Itemid=44

Really impressive. I don't agree with Mike Loades on everything (I don't quite buy his theory on longbow archery being mostly point blank - though I know it is in vogue right now in certain circles) and I'm not a fanboy for any re-enactment celebrity types. But I thought the show was outstanding.

Highlights for me:

Seeing the human 'hampster wheel' powered crane in action at Guedelon castle.
Seeing tag-team archery through an arrow-slit at Guedelon castle.
Seeing horses (I think, Icelandic ponies?) doing the 'ambling' gait for extended periods. Through the woods. Really liked that.
Seeing a medieval meal of baked Pike. More interesting than it sounds.
Seeing the primitive 14th Century 'bottle' cannon shooting the springel arrow
Seeing the 15th Century 'stave and hoop' breech loading cannon firing several shots

Plus loads of other stuff packed into a short format. I even liked the parts with the Trebuchet though I'm a bit bored with them by now. I would have loved to see more late-Medieval bits, and more Central / Northern / Southern European (Italy, Flanders, Germany, Bohemia, Poland, the Baltic, Scandinavia) but we could see that in the next 'episode'. There is so much more he could cover.

I gather the thing wasn't rated all that high, and I like many others in our general milieaux don't agree 100% with Mike Loades, but this was ten times better than any other Medieval documentary I can remember seeing. My message to The History Channel (and anyone else listening) is:

MOAR Mike Loades!

*You can buy this from Amazon for like $3 and watch it on various devices.

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