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I found the thread, but it is in the 'pub', which is a private area. Are you registered on Schola Forum? This is the link to the thread: ... =berzerker

Here are a couple of the most interesting posts and links:

[quote] bigdummy wrote:
I used to think there was nothing to it, but I've become convinced there is something, it's probably a real phenomenon and I don't think it involves Magic, it may in fact be related to a specific type of Psychosis or neurological condition, which possibly can be induced by certain drugs.

It's a bit of all of those things BD.

And in Many ways Stillwell is right, it is linked to the same type of "energy" as is found at mosh pits, riots, etc. However how it is channeled is very different.

Berserking Can be achieved via several paths and many of them are used together to heighten their effect:

1.) Drugs: This is the homicidal rage exhibited by people hopped up on PCP, Meth, etc. This is the quickest path to it and also the most destructive to the body.

2.) Mental Illness: Some folks just have something wrong with them or develop a psychosis via abuse or some form of psychological trauma.

3.) Physical Neurological disorders/Genetics: Some people are predisposed to it either through a genetic or physical/neurological disorder or inherited mental illness.

4.) Religion/Magic/Training: I group these three together as they are all really different sides of the same coin. They are ways of reprograming the mind and/or body to effect our personal reality. Islam, Buddhism, Norse and even Christianity all have teachings and sects that are in many ways berserkers. In Christianity they are known as flagellants, Muslims have their Jihad, Buddhism, particularly the Japanese Zen Buddhists have their "Zen Mind", etc. In Magic circles, particularly Shamanism there are "Spirit Possessions", etc... Training, well the Training that SEALs and Spec Ops go through and in may ways the process of breaking down of raw recruits during basic training is a limited form of Berserking. It's also found in many martial arts related to the above religions.

But what is Berserking? I'm sure someone more versed in psychology could tell us a great deal about it. In fact I know for a fact that at least one forumite here and a close friend runs into it now and then during her work.

I tend to define it as the the Mind turning itself off and devoting all of its resources to boost the Body's physical capabilities to achieve a single goal. The mind turns off its ability to perceive pain as it becomes irrelevant. Higher Thought processes go out the window as does the concept of "Self" or any conscious thought. People don't actually get stronger when the are berserk, instead the no longer feel the limitations that the mind imposes on the body to prevent it from damaging itself. This in turn is what results in perceived increased strength, speed and the ability to shrug off damage. The body always had the potential, but it is kept in check by the consciousness to keep it from damaging itself. It's a very primal state left over from our animal ancestors. It's the mindset of a cornered predator.

Now this does not mean that a person who is berserk is stupid. Cunning does not turn itself off...

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