Magic Components, Mediecine and Alchemy in the Codex

Magic Components, Mediecine and Alchemy in the Codex

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Magic components and magic focii
Items Price (Spell used with & Spellcraft Mod)
Special ready made constructs
Ruby lens set in small golden loop 1,500 gp (analyze dweomer)
Sapphire lens set in small golden loop 1,500 gp (analyze dweomer)
Tiny silver bell ½ gp (5 sp) (alarm)
Small silver bell 1 gp
Tiny silver whistle ¼ gp (mordenkainens faithful hound)
Miniature brass hearing trumpet 2 gp (detect scryng)
Small lodestone 5 gp (disintegrate)
A tiny leather bellows 3 gp (gust of wind)
Crystal rod with phosphorescent core 50 gp (hypnotic pattern, enhanced+1)
Special lead based ink, ounce 50 gp (illusory script)
Small glass bead 5 cp (leomunds hut etc., inferior -1)
Small crystal bead 5 sp (leomunds tiny hut, minor globe invuln)
Glass rod, small, 1 sp (lightning bolt, inferior-1)
Crystal rod, small 1 gp (lightening bolt)
Amber rod, small 100 gp (lightening bolt, enhanced +1)
Small crystal sphere 5 gp (otilukes freezing sphere)
Small aquamarine sphere 150 gp (otilukes freezing sphere, enhanced +1)
Small blue topaz sphere 200 gp (otilukes freezing sphere, enhanced +2)
Small diamond sphere 900 gp (otlukes freezing spehere, enhanced+3)
Crystal Hemisphere 8 gp (otilukes resilient sphere)
Small ivory plaque 50 gp (rarys mnemonic enhancer)
Small bugle 5 gp (sound burst)
Small silver rod 1 gp

Augury stones & rune stones)
Set of Augury stones, wood 5 cp (inferior)
Set of Augury stones, clay 1 sp
Set of Augury stones, stone 3 sp
Set of Augury stones, silver 1 gp (enhanced +1)
Set of Augury stones, human bone 1 gp (enhanced +1)
Set of Augury stones, elf bone 5 gp (enhanced+2)
Set of Augury stones, amber 10 gp (enhanced +2)
Set of Augury stones, jade 50 gp (enhanced+2)
Set of Augury stones, dragon bone 250 gp (enhanced+3)

Metal Wire
Copper wire, foot 2 cp (message)
Silver wire, foot 2 sp
Gold wire, foot 2 gp
Platinum wire, foot 2 pp
Tantalum* wire, foot 5 pp
Vanadium* wire, foot 20 pp
Mythril Wire, foot 25 pp

Coarse sand, pound 3 cp (sleep, inferior -1)
Fine sand, pound 1 sp (sleep)
Colored sand, red, pound 5 sp (color spray)
Colored sand, blue, pound 5 sp (color spray)
Colored sand, yellow, pound 5 sp (color spray)
Colored sand, scarlet, pound 5 gp (color spray, enhanced +1)
Colored sand, violet, pound 5 gp (color spray, enhanced+1)
Colored sand, emerald green, pound 3 gp (color spray, enhanced+1)

Precious powdered substances
Grave dirt, pound 1 sp
Powdered copper, pound 1 gp
Powdered iron, pound 3 gp (antimagic field, enlarge)
Powdered silver, pound 5 gp (bless water, creating holy water)
Powdered gold, pound 50 gp (fire trap)
Powdered platinum, pound 100 gp
Powdered Jade, ounce 25 gp (permanent image)
Powdered Amber, ounce 15 gp (sepia snake sigil)
Ruby dust, ounce 50 gp (continual flame)
Diamond dust, ounce 100 gp
Irridium* dust, ounce 5,000 gp

Charcoal, pound 8 cp
Dried sea sponge, ounce 1 sp
Mica, ground, ounce 2 sp (glitterdust)
Mica, 3” square 1 gp
Zinc, ounce 1 gp
Lime, ounce 1 sp
Phosphorous, ounce 5 sp (wall of fire)
Tin, pound 1 gp
Alum, ounce 1 gp (antipathy)
Sulfur (brimstone), ounce 2 gp (fireball)
Quartz crystal, ounce 5 sp (wall of ice)

Gems and jewels
Small agate 1 gp (darkvision)
Small misshapen pearl 1 sp (identify, inferior)
Lapis bead 3 gp
Small black onyx gem 50 gp (animate dead)
Small ordinary pearl 30 gp (identify)
Small perfect pearl 200 gp (identify, enhanced +1)
Small diamond 500 gp (wall of ice, enhanced +1)
Large aquamarine 300 gp (wall of ice, enhanced +1)
Large diamond 1,000 gp (wall of ice, enhanced +2)

Crystal Scrying Balls
Glass ball, small, 3” 5 sp (inferior -1)
Crystal ball, small, 3” 25 gp
Crystal ball, obsidian, small, 3” 120 gp (enhanced+1)
Crystal ball, amethyst, small, 3” 250 gp (enhanced+1 )
Crystal ball, jade, small, 3” 500 gp (enhanced +1)
Crystal ball, Lapis, small, 3” 750 gp (enhanced+1)
Crystal ball, amber, small, 3” 950 gp (enhanced +2)
Crystal ball, aquamarine, small, 3” 1,250 gp (enhanced +2)
Crystal ball, Ruby, small, 3” 3,500 gp (enhanced +3)
Crystal ball, sapphire, small, 3” 3,500 gp (enhanced +3)
Glass ball, large, 7” 2 gp (inferior -1)
Crystal ball, large, 7“ 50 gp (enhanced+1)
Crystal ball, obsidian, large, 7” 280 gp (enhanced +2)
Crystal ball, amethyst, large, 7” 300 gp (enhanced +2)
Crystal ball, jade, large, 7” 950 gp (enhanced +3)
Crystal ball, Lapis, large, 7” 1,200 gp (enhanced +3)
Csytal ball, amber, large 7” 2,500 gp (enhanced +4)
Crystal ball, aquamarine, large, 7” 3,250 gp (enhanced +4)
Crystal ball, Ruby, large, 7” 6,500 gp (enhanced +6)
Crystal ball, sapphire, large, 7” 6,500 gp (enhanced +6)
Scrying mirror, lesser 1,000 gp (enhanced +2)
Scrying mirror, masterwork 5,000 gp (enhanced +4)

Herbs and plants
Mushroom spores, ounce 1 sp (sepia snake sigil)
Gum Arabic, ounce 1 gp (mass invisibility)
Rhubard leaf, ounce 1 sp
Sassafrass root, pound 1 sp
Licorice root, pound 2 sp (haste)
Belladona, ounce 5 sp
Angels Trumpet, ounce 3 sp
Aminita Musceria Mushrooms, ounce 1 cp
Mandrake root, one 1 gp
Psilocibin Mushrooms, ounce 1 gp
Ergot fungus, ounce 1 gp

Animals and animal byproducts
Grasshopper legs, pound 1 sp (jump)
Tallow, pound 1 sp
Spiderweb, ounce 1 sp (web)
Drider web, ounce 5 gp (web, enhanced+2)
Adders stomachs, pound 15 gp (melfs acid arrow)
Bull dung, pound 2 cp (bulls strength)
Horse hair, pound 5 cp (mount)
Cat fur, pound 1 sp (cats grace)
Pickled giant squid tentacle, ounce 1 gp
Bird feathers, pound 1 sp
Eagle feather, single 1 sp
Owl feather, dozen 1 sp
Ghouls vestiment, 1 square foot 5 gp (ghouls touch)
Ghasts vestiment, 1 square foot 10 gp (ghouls touch, enhanced+2)
Zombie bone, ounce 1 gp (scare, inferior -1)
Ghouls bone, ounce 5 gp (scare)
Ghasts bone, ounce 12 gp (scare, enhanced +1)
Mummy bone 50 gp (scare, enhanced +1)
Wil-O-Wisp Essence, dram 50 gp (secret page)

Blood (per dram)
Rat 1 cp
Cat 2 cp
Dog 3 cp
Wolf 3 sp
Badger 5 sp
Deer 2 sp
Gnoll 3 gp
Kobold 12 sp
Dwarf 5 gp
Human 3 gp
Human, female, Virgin 10 gp
Elf 5 gp
Troll 30 gp
Ogre 15 gp

Ye Alchemical liquids
Quicksilver, dram 500 gp (polymorph any object)
Aqua fortis, dram 50 gp [special acid, used to identify gold]
Aqua regia, dram 1,000 gp [acid, double strength damage]
Fine Kerosine, pint 75 gp [double strength burning oil]

Candles and incense
Tallow candle, small 1 cp
Wax candle, small 1 sp
Wax candle, large 3 sp
Wax candle, huge 6 sp
Fine scented wax candle 5 sp
Fine scented wax candle, huge 1 gp
Incense poor quality, pound 1 sp (inferior -1)
Incense quality, pound 1 gp
Francensence, pound 150 gp (enhanced +1)

Poisons type cost (per dose)
Small centipede poison injury/nerve 90 gp
Greenblood oil injury/blood 100 gp
Medium sized spider venom injury/nerve 150 gp
Bloodroot injury/brain 100 gp
Purple Worm poison injury/nerve 700 gp
Large scorpion poison injury/nerve 200 gp
Wyvern poison injury/blood 3,000 gp
Blue whinnies injury/blood 120 gp
Giant wasp poison injury/nerve 210 gp
Shadow essence injury/blood 250 gp
Black adder venom injury/blood 120 gp
Deathblade injury/blood 1,800 gp
Malyss root paste contact/nerve 500 gp
Nitharit contact/blood 650 gp
Dragon bile contact/nerve 1,500 gp
Sassone leaf residue contact/blood 300 gp
Terinav root contact/nerve 750 gp
Carrion crawler brain juice contact/paral 200 gp
Black lotus exract contact/blood 2,500 gp
Oil of taggit injest/sleep 90 gp
Id moss injest/nerve 125 gp
Striped toadstool injest/nerve 180 gp
Arsenic injest/blood 120 gp
Lich dust injest/blood 250 gp
Dark reaver powder injest/blood 300 gp
Ungol dust inhale/lepros 1,000 gp
Burnt other fumes inhale/blood 2,100 gp
Insanity mist inhale/nerve 1,500 gp

Jump 100 gp
Spider climb 100 gp
Cure light wounds 100 gp
Love 300 gp
Hiding 300 gp
Blur 600 gp
Delay poison 600 gp
Cure moderate wounds 600 gp
Lesser restoration 600 gp
Water breathing 1,500 gp

Identified Magic items
Everburning candle 400 gp [candle with continual flame cast on it]
Everburning torch 500 gp [torch with continual flame cast on it]
Everburning Lanthorn 750 gp [bullseye lantern with continual flame]
Dust of tracelessness 500 gp [eliminates tracks]
Quaals feather token (fan) 1,000 gp [creates wind for sailboats]
Quaals feather token (bird) 1,300 gp [animal messenger carrier pigeon]
Dust of illusion 1,000 gp [use to cast change self spell]
Necklace of Prayer beads (blessing) 1,000 gp [can cast bless using bead]
Candle of truth 2,000 gp [All tell the truth while candle burns]
Stone Salve, ounce 4,000 gp [cast flesh to stone or stoneskin]
Incense of Meditation, ounce 4,500 gp [maximize prepared spell]

Identify spell
Identifying magic items 1,000 gp
(will cast Identify spell on unknown magic items for the above listed price)

* these are very rare metals which are known to exist, in tiny amounts almost exclusively in this general region.

Types of Money
Cp = copper penny, sp = silver penny, gp = gold doubloon, ep = electrum piaster, pp = platinum crown

10 cp = 1 sp
100 cp = 10 sp = 1 gp
1,000 cp = 100 sp = 10 gp = 5 ep = 1 pp
10,000 cp = 1,000 sp = 100 gp = 50 ep = 10 pp
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