Lithuanian paganism - and Vikings?

Lithuanian paganism - and Vikings?

Postby Galloglaich » Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:44 am

So today, I got this book in the mail, finally ... 557&sr=1-1

Already it has divulged many miracles and wonders, for those of you who appreciate Vikings, pagan religion and so on, check this out, this was written by Aneas Silvius Piccolomini, diplomat, pornographer and adventurer, and later in life Pope Pious II, in 1458 AD (translated by Robert Brown) from his entry on Lithuania. Keep in mind, Lithuania had only technically converted to Christianity in 1380 and it was a very incomplete process at this time. Piccolomini is recounting an account told to him in Poland by Jerome of Prague, a missionary who had been evicted from Lithuania by Duke Vytautus). Make of this story what you will.

"Going further inland, he found another tribe which worshiped the sun, and venerated, with remarkable devotion, an iron hammer of extraordinary size. When the priests were asked about the meaning of this cult, they replied that once upon a time the sun disappeared for several months because a mighty king had captured it and confined it in the dungeon of a strongly fortified tower. A giant had then come to the help of the sun and smashed the tower with a huge hammer, releasing the sun and restoring it to humanity. The tool with which mortals had recovered light was therefore worthy of veneration. Jerome laughed at their simplicity and showed it to be an empty fable. He explained that the sun and the moon and the stars are actually creations of almighty God, with which he adorned the heavens, bidding them shine with everlasting light to the benefit of mankind."
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