Conquistador vs. Samurai

Conquistador vs. Samurai

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This guy is one of the Chinese pirates who tangled with the Spanish in the Philippines (and lost), the wiki doesn't mention it but I believe he had Ronin as muscle as well

There is a whole bunch of really, really crazy, far out stuff that went on in the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea and Indonesia in the 16th-17th Centuries that I don't think has really seen the light of day in the English -speaking world, and especially the gamer world, and it really should.

If I had the time I'd make another Codex module out of all this stuff but pending a lottery win, probably not imminent.

This is another pitched battle with the Chinese Wako pirates which the wiki notes, pitted Rodoleros against armored Samurai. I quote:

The Spanish rodeleros then faced armored Japanese ronin who were wielding katanas. The Wokou also had muskets, which had been provided by the Portuguese. The deck of the sampan became a battlefield, with Spanish pikemen at front, and arquebusiers as well as musketeers at the rear. Eventually the Spanish troops defeated the Wokou, thanks to the improvised parapet and the superior quality of Spanish armor and weaponry.

Don't mess with Conquistadors.

This is really just the tip of the iceburg though. I know of at least 5 major battles like that so far, and I've never even systematically researched the Philippines (yet), I just keep running into it by accident. So much crazy stuff went on. A Spanish Galleon got into a 3 day long pitched battle in Nagasaki Harbor against the forces of some local Daimyo, for example, blowing itself up on the third day in order to prevent capture. There is also a first-hand account of an English ship boarded by Japanese pirates that is in one of those Giles Milton books, I have it transcribed somewhere.

What makes the Philippines particularly crazy and far out is that in addition to the Wako pirates with their Ronin, the Dutch with their Ronin, plus random French, Indonesian and the odd Turk, the locals including the Moro with all their exotic weapons, Berzerker abilities, and martial arts, but the Spanish also had Aztecs and German Landsknechts with them for muscle. So yeah, Deadliest Warrior eat your heart out.

I'm telling you, if people spent a little less time trying to figure out how their Drow assassin can kill more Beholders you'd find some really, really amazing stuff just waiting out there in history, (stuff people like Gary Gygax didn't have access to in their day but you do now because the internet).

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