Armor Book (Possible Errata???)

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Armor Book (Possible Errata???)

Postby Luca C. » Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:22 am

I do not know if I'm wrong but I feel I found something wrong in your volume II.

Codex Martialis vol I (v. 25.2) page 19, paragraph on "Attack Types vs Armor" gives the example of a Brigandine Doublet having the following DR: 4/8/12
HOWEVER, your Volume II (Armor & Missile W.), page. 35 gives the following stats for Brigandine Doublet: 7/14/14
One of the two is, off course, wrong.
The stats in Volume II are maybe better but to me they suggest that the DR vs Slashing is x2 and not x3 since Bringadine is partly leather/partly metal.
Is this wrong?
I'm not sure about it, since when you Check Brigandine in other tables (e.g. pages 38, Brigandine & Gambeson DR 6/12/18) it does not seems to follow the same rule.

I have another doubt (still volume II page 35).
Iron Lamellar Jack is DR 6/12/12.
Does the same principle of Brigandine Doublet (Slashing x2 instead of x3) applies here?
Furthermore a (possible) error is the inconsistency of nomenclature.
The Iron Lamellar Jack (p.35) is called "Iron Lamellar Doublet" in page. 37.
I know both names are good, but I feel you should use the same name.
Luca C.
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Re: Armor Book (Possible Errata???)

Postby Galloglaich » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:04 am


Good catch I think you found an error here I need to correct. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

You are right about the X1 / x2 / x2 thing, my reasoning is that any armor which is either textile, or held together with textiles (- whether riveted to a fabric coat or laced together with silk or leather thongs), is somewhat vulnerable to catastrophic slashing or draw-cutting damage. I don't know this for a fact based on test-cutting (yet) but that is the rule of thumb I was following, whereas all-metal armor (like mail, or a breast plate) follow the X1 / X2 /X3 rule.

I think what happened is that in the Armor book I was experimenting with giving two separate values for the armor, based on the coverage. So for example, the helmet has one value (at bypass 2), the rest of the armor another (at bypass 6).

I decided however that was too complex so I was going to undo that in the next revision and go back to the 'composite' ratings, according to a formula I made up. I think I may have screwed up a couple of the values in the interim while tinkering with it. I'll try to get to it this week, I'm going to be in Las Vegas for a conference for 4 days so I should have some time in the hotel room to work on codex stuff (since I hate Las Vegas!).

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