Pendragon and various rules weeks

Pendragon and various rules weeks

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[06.12.15 08:46:54] Jack Gassmann: We did a one-off with it now, still learning it, but it worked well, I said they could rearrange the skill points already listed on the sheets, five skill points in a weapon is equivalent to a feat so they could choose to take off 5 skill points off something to get a feat, on top of that I gave them three extra to spend either on feats or weapon skill
[06.12.15 08:51:13] Jack Gassmann: We used pendragon damage, so a derivative of strength substituting the dice of the weapon for the dice on the chart so a longsword rolls 4 d10
things get pretty fucking deadly
and at under half hit points you lose half your martial pool rounding up, at 0 you lose consciousness and at -10 you're dead
[06.12.15 08:56:39] Jack Gassmann: Initiative we decided new each turn with the ability to add a martial pool dice to add a bonus dice to your initiative roll
[06.12.15 09:00:12] Jack Gassmann: Tried out Gioco Stretto as a feat in one of the mooks, basically it meant he was allowed to roll a grapple check using his Messer/Sword skill instead of grappling/dagger, not really what the codex says but it made sense in this system
[06.12.15 09:01:30] Jack Gassmann: Everyone agreed that it needs to be a standalone system though
[06.12.15 09:02:27] Jack Gassmann: Fran and Pim liked the idea of cards as well
[06.12.15 09:33:16] Jack Gassmann: How is that character generation going?
[06.12.15 16:20:46] Jack Gassmann: One thing I'd say it needs is a DM sheet for easy roll ups of characters and weapons, Preferebly theme based, the japanese and asian armors and weapons break things up and complicate things, I'd much prefer that it be arranged culturally. Then you could add downloads for different settings, post apocolyptic etc.
[06.12.15 16:21:17] Jack Gassmann: I really like how brutal it is
[06.12.15 16:22:43] Jack Gassmann: for d100 systems it would be a pretty conversion too
[06.12.15 16:24:55] Jack Gassmann: most have an agility between 20 and 50, 50 being crazy, so just say the ten value is your amount of MP dice
[06.12.15 16:25:13] Jack Gassmann: the ten value the amount of dice you roll for damage
[06.12.15 16:32:24] Jack Gassmann: just double the wounds
[06.12.15 16:33:54] Jack Gassmann: If you did a weapons sheet for Dark Heresey you could gain a lot of audience
[06.12.15 16:35:34] Jack Gassmann: honestly second guessing myself the warhammer fantasy is almost better than pendragon for the DM since they've got a whole book full of NPC templates
[06.12.15 18:45:28] Jack Gassmann: The other thing is I'd say it's really worth rethinking binding mechanics as it's a 1 in 20 chance of a bind happening, a bind is basically whenever the swords meet, the most common response just happens to be abnehmen as the manuals tell us it is
[06.12.15 23:47:48] Jack Gassmann: situational awareness I
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