Postby Galloglaich » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:43 pm

I kind of figured that would be the case (critical hit locations slowing things down)

I'm glad to hear you are still using some elements from the codex.

let me know if you ever try the multiple dice option. Apparently they are going to introduce it in 5E DnD.

it works well and keeps the pace fast.

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Postby Luca C. » Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:31 pm

I've sent an email for playtesting 5e, but it looks like I've lost the opportunity.
Anyway, we still play Conan d20 and we still like to introduce Codex's elements.

Regarding multple dice, if I have time I would like to try them ,but my group does not seems to be interested, at least for now.
Playtest is great! And my focus is still to keep on playing Conan, even with Codex elements.
At this points we have tried and tested many different options for about one year and I can say there's only one thing we want SIMPLICITY.

Here are two things we are planning to do:

Do not know if you remember, but our problems in applying Triple Stats was that Defense value was to be added only to Parry, not to Dodge.
So, to fix and balance things, I just added DEX to Dodge twice.
So both Parry and Dodge has something more and they were both balanced.

However during real game I noticed that, even if I fixed this problem, there were other previously unseen problems in applying all the Triple Stats to Conan.

One of them was with weapons with very high Melee/Onset bonuses and how can they be exploited with feats like Power Attacks with 2 hands.
One of my players used PA with a Bardiche, exploiting the +6 Onset bonus, to get a -6 to attack and have +12 to damage...
...That was simply too much to me.
I needed to change the whole architecture of Conan d20....or maybe use a simpler solution!

So, I come back to something you suggested last year in the Mongoose Forums: take the Triple Stats and HALVE them.
This way I can keep Conan's Dodge Defense value un-modified.
Parry Defense Value will be (only) slightly more effective than Dodging, but dodging in Conan has already his own advantages (can be used vs ranged attacks and vs attempts to start grapples) which Parry lacks

So I just HALVE any Onset/Melee/Defense value rounding up (I do not like the way it goes if I round things down).
So Broadsword 3/4/2 will become 2/2/1
So Battleaxe 3/1/2 will become 2/1/1.
Off course I need also to do some ad-hoc adaptations.
Bearded Axe 4/1/2 cannot become 2/1/1, otherwise it be identical to battle-axe. So I'll make it 3/1/1.

And so on...I just need time to re-do my list.

Conan does not have HH weapons, only L, 1H and 2H.
Inspired by the Codex I decided to introduce HH weapon, and making them meaningful only for teh sake of modifications of Triple stats if using them with 1H or 2H.
HOWEVER, I noticed that during real gameplay we tend to forget to modity triple stats if that barbarian is using the Longsword with 1 hand or 2 hands and change the triple stats.
Too much math is sometimes confusing.

BUT AT THIS POINT Making triple stats HALF, means also making them slightly less significant.
So what's teh purpose of modifying them for 1-handed use?

So I will remove the modifications for using HH weapons with 1 or 2 hands.
The rare case of 2H weapons will be used with just -1 Melee, -1 Defense.
To this I feel I need to add another -4 to all attacks, since I feel it is crazy to attack somebody with a bardiche held with one hand.
The only exception of the above rule are Spears.
I feel a Warrior with a Spearman Feat (a Conan feat) should be allowed to use a 2-handed spear in one hand and a shield in the other hand, as any decent Greek Hoplite or Norman Infantryman has done in the real world!
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Postby Galloglaich » Sun Jun 24, 2012 12:09 am

Very interesting Lucas.

I agree simple is better!

Glad to hear play-testing is going well. Where are you located in Italy anyway? I think there was a guy posting here from Sardania a while back.

The basic effect as far as I see it, of using a two handed weapon 1-handed, is that it gives you a bit more reach, at the expense of a drastic reduction in the defensive use of your weapon (i.e. parrying) though a skilled fencer can still manage hanging parries.

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Postby Luca C. » Mon Jun 25, 2012 7:23 pm

I'm from Abruzzo, middle-Adriatic region!

Changing triple stats for 1h or 2h is maybe not worth now that I have halved those value (making triple stas less meanigful in statistic terms..)

However, I'll think about the possibilit yof +1 onset to 2h weapons used with 1 hand (SPEARS will certainly get deadlier on their first attack!), but for the moment I prefer to not apply it, to keep maths simple and quick.

You know, sometimes our stories include complicated, epic, ending-story combats R.E.Howard-style with many enemies (from evil sorcerers to demons and tons of low-level grunts) vs our group of 4-5 PCs....and I must confess that sometimes I got lost if too many mods are added!
Luca C.
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Postby Galloglaich » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:55 pm

I can definitely understand that!

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