Using the Martial Pool with ranged weapons

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Using the Martial Pool with ranged weapons

Postby Galloglaich » Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:05 pm

If you have read through the Codex you probably have a decent grasp of how to use the Martial Pool in melee. You may not have thought much about using your MP with a bow or some javelins.

But actually it works essentially the same with ranged weapons. If you have played paintball you know one of the key dynamics of it is suppression, people hide behind cover, then emerge to take shots. People under fire or potential fire will behave much more cautiously, people taking a shot without themselves being under threat can take more time to aim etc.

Using Martial Pool, if you are under threat of attacks by other missiles, you use more dice for defense (to duck behind cover etc.) if you aren't facing this threat, you can use more dice to attack with or move. Like when your enemy is pinned down because your pal is shooting at him.

So you also use dice to scurry from cover to cover. Each dice you expend from your pool allows you to move your normal rate, so for example if your move rate is 30' you could shoot, use two dice to move 60', then one dice for defense when you get shot at as you arrive at your next tree. If you use all four dice you are running flat out but can't attack.

You can also move around in a melee the same way of course, and from melee to ranged fire ranges etc.

One interesting question is how could you do a ranged-attack feint. With paintball or in the modern military this is suprressive fire, when you are shooting not so much to hit them but to keep their head down. You could do this easily with the Martial Pool per above... but Meideval weapons don't have a very high rate of fire generally, is there any way you could use bluff, it seems to me just pointing a weapon at someone might keep their head down as well.... or maybe another way to feint would be to feign vulnerability, stick your head out to lure a shot, (or put a helmet on a stick) and get them to loose an arrow at you ineffectively.... food for thought..

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