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Character generaiton - core classes

Postby Galloglaich » Mon Apr 15, 2013 4:23 am

Ok so since the lifepath idea didn't go over very well, I'm going to relegate that to an optional section in the character generation book, and offer some more traditional new 'core classes'.

I finally finished a paper I'd been working on for 4 months, so I have a bit of free time now, and I'm going to try to finish some of these codex projects.

New Core class ideas are for the late medieval, central / northern European setting. More modules could follow once this is established.

Classes are as follows

Free Peasant
Unlike serfs (which is adequately covered by the existing NPC class for 'Commoner') the Free Peasant is often a reasonably well off individual, armed, accustomed to warfare, and skilled in the ways of the wilderness. Skills and feats are related to their life in the wild rural fringes, hunting (or poaching), riding, and handling animals. Peasants are physically tough, and specialize in fighting with the messer, and a range of hunting weapons.

Burghers are citizens of towns. They come in two types, Artisans, and Patricians. Both types are primarily workers, who also have a secondary role as warriors in the town militia and town-watch. Though they are part-time fighters, not as hardened as professional military men, they bring dangerous skills to the battlefield, and are well armed and equipped for warfare. Burghers are a high-skill class, with a deep knowledge in their own areas of expertise.

Artisans generally make things. Typical crafts include weavers, skinners, furriers, butchers, cutlers, armorers, and gunsmiths. Each artisan must choose one of these professions which is his or her own area of expertise. In their first three levels they are an apprentice, after which they hit the road as a journeyman. Their ability to make things confers a deep range of useful skills. As members of the militia, artisans choose one of three weapon paths (somewhat like a ranger) polearms, guns, or crossbows. In addition, burghers may specialize in fencing.

The patrician is from the elite merchant class, and they follow one of two paths, the maritime path which includes military work as privateers and commanders of warships (and a skill-set oriented for naval warfare), and the land based path which includes participating in the tournament circuit (and a skill set similar to that of a knight). Their skills emphasize diplomacy, travel, and the knightly arts.

Both a social class and a military role. Knights are primarily trained to fight as heavy cavalry and get their training in the tournament circuit. This class is something of a merger between a Fighter and the Noble NPC class. They come in one of three types.

Free Imperial Knight
A member of the lower nobility, Edelfrei or the Ritter class. May or may not have social mobility, but they are their own boss.

A non-noble knight, equivalent to a 'sergeant' in England. These men serve a noble

Robber Knight
A knight who makes a living from robbery, extortion. A type of knight-outlaw.

Monks, the player must pick a specific order such as Franciscan, Dominican, Augustinian, Cistercian and so on. Each Order has a different skill base, and must follow different rules. Friars can be worldly and often have very special skills, ranging from alchemy to pyrotechnics to diplomacy.

Similar to a Cleric, but with more skills, mostly diplomacy related, and less spells. An educated class which includes many professions.

The equivalent of the Rogue, the Outlaw also combines rural skills since most Outlaws live in rural areas. In between a rogue and a free peasant.

Like pirates of the Carribean, only with more armor and crossbows. Pirates specialize in robbing coastal settlements and other ships, and come in two varieties: Mediterranean galley pirates, and North / Baltic sea 'sailing' pirates.

European mercenary. This is a sub-set of the Fighter. May include a landsknecht, a gallowglass, a reislauffer, a condittiero and so on. Like the Burgher / Artisan, mercenaries will specialize in one particular weapon system, but may also diversify (they can specialize in more than one class of weapons, over time).

Steppe nomad
Mongol, cuman, pecheneg and so on. These folks fight as horse archers, and have a variety of interesting and potent skills related to nomadic life, ranging from rope handling to horsemanship to a variety of fighting skills ranging from close combat to open warfare. Because steppe nomads also routinely fought in the armies of Christian Europe, integration with any party is not a problem.

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Re: Character generaiton - core classes

Postby Galloglaich » Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:28 am

Ok I uploaded the first new core class, the Artisan


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Re: Character generaiton - core classes

Postby TheVor » Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:58 am

Would a university student have his own class, or would he be a patrician or Burgher?
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Re: Character generaiton - core classes

Postby Galloglaich » Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:37 pm

I got rid of Priest and created a new class called "Scholar" which covers Priests, University Students, Humanists and so on.

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