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Lifepath ideas

Postby Galloglaich » Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:08 pm

The first 'lifepath' module is an historical module set in the 15th Century Baltic. The idea though is that you can customize these to other fantasy settings, historical settings and so on. After this first one is released, beta tested and completed, I'll start putting out others and allow for user-generated ones as well.

So the idea is that you determine the ethnicity and 'Estate' of each of your parents first, then you get to determine your own estate.

Estates include:


Based on your Estate, you can then roll to enter a vocation. You spend a 'term' in your vocation, and from this you gain money, leisure points and vocation points. You also take on certain risks depending on the specific vocation. You can go through as many terms as you like but the risks accumulate with each term, and you will also age.

You can spend your leisure points to pick up an avocation. Avocations can give you more vocation points and / or money.

When you are ready to create your character you 'muster out' and use your accumulated vocation points to 'buy' class levels. Remaining vocation points can be used to by Feats and Skills. Depending on how many terms you go through you may start anywhere from 1st to 3rd level.

There are going to be at least 6 new primary classes, and 3 or 4 prestige classes.

New primary classes will correspond roughly to the Estates, with a few other specific options.

New prestige class will correlate to warrior templates, and the rough equivalent to ranger, rogue, barbarian, and "spellcaster" templates.

More details to follow soon!

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