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Postby Daeruin » Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:05 pm

Benefit: This is a means to attack while passing through grapple range.
1) After a successful Active Defense against any attack from your designated Dodge target while in melee or grapple range, you may immediately change range (including entering or exiting grapple range without provoking any Attack of Opportunity). You may change one range category (from onset to melee to grapple etc.) for every MP you expend in your Active Defense. So for example if you spent one MP on Defense you could move from melee to grapple without any further cost. If you spent two MP you could move from melee to grapple to melee again (or grapple to melee to onset)
2) Attack with your weapon Speed bonus while at grapple range even if your weapon is sized M or L. This can be very deadly since at grapple range most opponents have no weapon defensive value (unless they have half-swording or half-staff MF) and may not be able to attack with their own weapons.

I assume the action in the paragraph 2 is supposed to take place sequentially after the actions in paragraph 1? Or is paragraph 2 a static ability that can happen anytime you're in grapple range?
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Re: Durchlauffen

Postby zarlor » Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:23 pm

G. would have to give the official, but I'm pretty sure #2 is stand-alone, so anytime you are in Grapple Range.
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