New Feat: Absetzen

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New Feat: Absetzen

Postby Galloglaich » Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:53 pm

So this one is somwhat similar to the Mutierin in game terms, though it's a bit different in real life.

Essentially what it means is, it is a single-time counrer where the other guy tries to cut you, and you displace with a point-forward guard, which ends up morphing into a stab attempt. There are two types of Absetzen, high (Ochs guard) and middle / low (Pflug guard).

Absetzen here at 0:40

PreRecs would be Dodge and Counterstroke MF I think.

So I'm thinking it would work like this: Designate a Dodge target, when they attack you with a slash, chop or a bludgeon attack, and your Active Defense is successful, you may then spend one MP to immediately counterattack with a thrusting-attack only, and your attack will work against their original Attack die-roll.

You may throw in more dice but if you spend more than one MP they may also throw in additional Active Defense dice to defend with.

So this would be good in cases where you defended but they rolled really low in their attack.


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