Montante feats

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Montante feats

Postby Galloglaich » Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:31 pm

Comments and questions:

Narrow spaces:
Prerequisites: Base attack +6, weapons focus: Montante, 10 ranks in Intimidate.

"When fighting in a 5-10ft wide passage, after two attacks, you may perform and intimidate roll. Opponents attacked must succeed on a roll of will vs. the player's intimidate roll, or move at least 5ft away from the player. In a 15ft space or higher, at least one 5ft step must be made by the player (from one wall to the other) between both attacks. A critical failure on the will save causes the opponent to retreat at their movement speed."

What you are describing sounds like it's mostly an intimidation Feat, but isn't there also some enhanced capability to handle the large weapon (montante or equivalent sized staff or polearm) in a confined space and also changing directions very efficiently from what Meyer calls the 'key' guard so for example you can defend both sides of a hallway? I seem to remember seeing some plays like this done similar to what you are describing above (moving your back from one wall to the other wall while changing direction) and also in one of the montante books I read. In the Codex there is a rule, I don't remember the specifics but it's something like a 'reach ceiling', so that cutting or striking weapons with a reach over 'x' size suffer a penalty. I can see conferring the ability to negate this penalty as being one benefit, and (if I was remembering correctly about the direction-changes) maybe gaining a 'Free Dice' for attacks on or defense from a second opponent on the other side. The intimidation part could be another factor - simply gain a 'free dice' on an intimidation check. But that maybe should be another feat which could also be a pre-req for this one, which layers in?

If I remember correctly skill-points are limited to the current level so if this is an advanced MF (and it probably should be) then probably intimidate 6 is sufficient as a pre-req.

Crowd control:
Prerequisites: Weapon focus: Montante, Narrow spaces, Spring attack.

"When fighting in passages wider than 10ft, a 5ft step can be given between attacks, as long as those steps move across the width of the passage. Follow the same rules for Narrow spaces for intimidation."

Based on what I've seen, should crowd control also apply for example to open spaces? This MF seems to be related to A) changing directions (multiple opponents) and B) the intimidation factor.

Pikeman's Bane:
Prerequisite: Jump 10 ranks, doge, weapon focus: Montante, Counter stroke.

"A miss from a ranged or thrown weapon, from the designated dodge target, allows the player to move up to 10 ft toward the attacker before counter striking as an immediate action. If the target hits, the player may not move to counter stroke."

Should this work mainly for a void, or a parry or both?

Encircling cut:
Prerequisite: Weapon focus: Greatsword or Montante, Cleave.

"As a move action, the player may make one attack towards every enemy surrounding them. The first attack is at the highest base attack bonus, every other attack is made at half the base attack bonus. If the base attack is above +5, a second encircled cut may be made with a 5ft step. If any allies are in the spaces around the player, they are also hit by this attack."

How about this? Allows a 2 die-attack against one initial target to count as an additional 1-die attack against anyone adjacent to the player.

Defending a Cloak:
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus: Montante, Crowd control.

"The player may move in 5ft steps in one circular direction around an object or person inhabiting a space their size category or smaller. These steps may also be made diagonally partially through the object or creatures space. They may give one attack per 5ft step. If declared, encircling cuts will no longer target allies. Follow the same rules for intimidation as Crowd control"

I'd like to see an example of this to understand the mechanic better.

Crowd Dispersal:
Prerequisite: Weapon focus: Montante, Encircling cut, Crowd control.

"As a full-round action, the player may perform as many encircling cuts as they are able, with a 5ft step between each. Any opponent struck by the attack must succeed on a roll of will vs. intimidate, or move 5ft away from the player. A critical failure on the will save makes the opponent flee at their movement speed."

Each attack roll also counts as an intimidate skill check against the victim?

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Re: Montante feats

Postby Galloglaich » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:10 pm

Names for the Montante feats

To fight in the narrow street: Brigar rua estreyta (Figueiredo, Godinho)

Encircling cut: Hu talho/revez cingido (Everyone)

Guarding the cloak: A guarda capa (Figueiredo, Viedma, Godinho)

The wide street crowd control: Impeder em hua rua (Figy, Godinho)

Crowd dispersal (wandering circling cuts): Brigar em hua rua larga (or) Brigar em praça ) (Godinho, Viedma, modified in Figueiredo)

Pike/thrown weapon counter: Contra armas de arremesso (or) Contra as de duas mãos que tem hasteas
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