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I'm implementing some new bbcodes -- I'll test them here.


This is a header
This is the left cellThis is the right cell
This is another rowThis is the second cell


Sometimes it is handy to format responses in columns like a newspaper. This bbcode handles two columns of text. All you do is type in a bunch of text, then a pipe character, and then type in the rest of your text.Surround the lot with the COLUMN bbcode and you'll end up with some nicely formatted text.


Grab Everyone's Attention!With this neat little text formatter. Really handy when you want to reference rules or display modified rules and then discuss them.


Spoiler: show
Sometimes you don't want your text to be viewed by the casual obserever. This is the bbcode for you! Just surround your text with the SPOLIER bbcode and the viewer will have to deliberately select it in order for your text to be revealed. Very handy for play-by-post games.

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