Cover and Concealment in the SRD

Cover and Concealment in the SRD

Postby Galloglaich » Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:10 pm

IIRC on the cover / concealment thing, I believe 3.5 handles it as a To Hit penalty, which I'm fine with, but at some point (invisibility and / or total concealment or blindness) you get like a percentage chance to hit things you can't see, too high of a percentage to be realistic IMO. I have to take a look at it though like I said, but probably the basic cover and concealment rules will stay the same, I'll just have to revisit the whole percentage thing and the Blind Fight feat. I seem to remember something like you had almost a 50% chance to hit someone, even with a missile weapon, when you couldn't see them at all. I think that is kind of questionable to say the least, I think it was another way they were trying to nerf invisibility (and blindness spells).

Personally I'd rather just re-organize the spell list for that, and make Invisibility a higher level spell without any of the nerfing, as I've done in my house rules i.e. in the computer program we use for the lifepath Character Generation.

But that is biting off more than the Codex probably wants to chew at this point.

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