Combat Expertise - Revisited

Combat Expertise - Revisited

Postby Galloglaich » Wed Jul 29, 2009 2:31 am

I think I thought of a better more elegant way to do Combat Expertise - allow you to expend MP for movement when you are acting defensively (i.e. including when it's not your initiative) so for example if you had a spear and someone attacked you twice with a Shamshir (thereby moving into Melee range in their second attack) When you made your actively defense against the second attack you could spend an MP to move back to Onset range before making your defense. (thus reducing his Weapons bonus from +4 back to +2)

Or alternately, if you had the Shamshir and the other guy had the Spear, you could opt to move into Melee range when they attacked you, reducing their Attack bonus from +7 to +1, obviously a huge benefit.

Of course you will run out of MP very quickly using this feat, making it more likely you won't have any MP left for attacking, but it could make you very good at defending intelligently (as long as you have MP remaining for Active Defense and / or movement)


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