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I've never played Witcher either, I don't play a lot of video games. But I had heard so much about the novels, including from some people whose opinions I respected (like Jake Norwood and a lot of other folks in the HEMA community) that I eventually read those books, and quite enjoyed them. Plus I usually like Polish literature anyway so I figured I would dig it. And I don't read a lot of genre fiction these days. My wife even liked them and she never reads that kind of stuff. It's too bad only a few of them have been translated into English so far (or that I haven't learned Polish).

But anyway the Witcher tie-in is the whole theme of religion based on wizards and high magic and / or based on cracking down on the wizards. Though I don't remember the precise details any more.

I was pretty impressed with HARN initially though I eventually got a little bored with the setting. I think they did a very good job of establishing the material culture, ecology, economy and etc. of an early medieval (8th-11th century) society. My only problem with them was that all the countries seemed to be pretty much the same well researched feudal England or France, and their model didn't plunge into the kind of crazy, unstable drama that makes the real world history of Europe during that time period so exciting. Their world seemed almost too stable, like an exceptionally well researched SCA context. But I'm only basing that on their core rules or whatever, I think I bought 4 or 5 HARN books while I was kind of in exile after Katrina and read them pretty carefully. I know they have a lot of other stuff.

I like Warhammer fantasy a lot too. I think they did a really good job with that and I wish I'd have known about it during they heyday of my interest and active participation in gaming 20 years ago. Unfortunately it wasn't that well known in the US back then I think.

Another two game systems I was impressed by which you might want to look at for borrowing various elements were Ars Magica, (they do magic really well I think, it kind of has the feel of actual late medieval and Renaissance magic systems based on Aristotlean physics with the four elements and so on, and tons of interesting spells.) and Burning Wheel (I love their character generation system and they too did a pretty good job of fleshing out the feel of a kind of early medieval world).

Your dwarves are going to be quite a challenge for the humans to deal with at 14th-15th century levels of tech. But assuming they have less numbers it should balance out.

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