Leopard vs. Boar

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Leopard vs. Boar

Postby Galloglaich » Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:41 pm

Normally a Leopard would avoid trying to tackle a full grown boar, but there is a drought. Times are tough, risky measures are called for.

Codex version of each critter is as follows:
BAB 3 (HD)
Martial Pool 5 (3 BAB + 2 “extra” attacks)
Init +4
Natural Armor 1
HP 19

Claws--3(base)+3bab +4Dex=+10---4(base) +3bab + 4Dex= +11----6 +3 +4 = +12-----------1-4 (slash)
Bite---------0 + 3 + 3 = +6-----------4 +3 +3(str) =+10---------6 +3+3 = +12----------------------1-6 +3 (pierce)
Rake-----------------------------------------------------------------6 +3+3 = +12---------------------1-6 +3 (slash)

Base Defense +7 Passive Defense 15

Weapon Finesse (claws)
Dex bonus +4
Str bonus +3

Special: Pounce (allows him to charge for the cost of only 1 MP), Improved Grab (Codex rules version allows this to work with claws if he hits with both claw attacks as well as with the bite)

This is the SRD version:
http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org ... ml#leopard

Boar (really a warthog)

BAB 3 (HD)
Martial Pool 3
Init + 0
Natural Armor 6
HP 25

Gore (slashing bite)----------------0 + 3 bab +2 str= +5------------4 + 3 + 2 = +9--------------6+3+2=+11-----------1-8+2

Base Defense +3 Passive Defense 11
Dex bonus 0
Str bonus +2

Special: Ferocity

This is the SRD version
http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org ... .html#boar

The Leopard is more the predator, his extra attacks give him a higher BaB, high Strength and fantastic Dexterity together give him a big advantage in combat. On the other hand, the Boar has a thick hide giving him a natural armor of 6, and his tusks (treated as a slashing bite in the Codex rules) cause serious damage. He also has more hit points than the Leopard and with his ferocity can keep fighting even when he's mortally wounded.

I'm doing away with the pre-fight stalking, and assume we get the Leopard trying to pounce. I'm ruling that the "Pounce" allows him to charge for the expenditure of only one MP.

Leopard 10 +4 = 14
Boar 12 +0 = 12


Round 1 Range =Onset Leopard 19 HP Boar 25 HP
The Leopard opens with a two-claw attack attempting to go to grapple with Improved Grab

Leopard Attack (claw) 2 dice 5 3 5+10=15
Boar Defense 2 dice 5 13 13+3=16


Leopard Attack (claw) 2 dice 12 10 12+10=22
Boar Defense 1 dice 12 12+3=15

Hit Damage 4 (no effect due to the boars natural armor)

Round 2 Range=Melee Leopard 19 HP Boar 25 HP
Leopard Attack (claw) 1 dice 10+10=20
Boar Defense 1 dice 12+3=15

Hit Damage 2 (no effect)

The Boar elects to hold his remaining dice in reserve for an attack
Leopard Attack (claw) 1 dice claw 14+10=24
Boar Defense (passive) 11

Hit Damage 3 (no effect)
the two claw attacks do no damage but two claw-hits allow the Leopard to go to grapple range using improved grab

Leopard Attack (bite, bypass attempt -10) 3 dice 9 20 18 (natural 20)
Boar Defense (passive) 11
Hit (Critical) damage (D6)=4+3=7
(After getting to grapple range, the Leopard puts all his remaining dice in one bite attempt, seeking a soft spot unprotected by the Boars thick hide. The natural 20 normally means it's a critical hit but by Codex rules a medium grasping bite has no preferred attack type so it causes no extra Crit damage. Because it was a bypass attack though (-10 to hit) it avoids the Boars natural armor so there is no damage reduction... and now the Leopard can just hang on and keep biting with automatic hits from now on unless the boar can shake him off)

Boar slash attempt 2 dice 5 7+9=16
Leopard Defense (passive) 15

Hit (D8) 2+2 =4 (-1 for Natural Armor) =3

The boar thrashing around viciously, slashes the Leopard with his tusk

Round 3 Range =Grapple Leopard 16 HP Boar 18 HP

Leopard (automatic hit with bite...)
Hit Damage 6+3=9
Rake 3 dice (bypass attempt) 9 14 9 14+2=16
Boar defense 1 dice 16+3=19


Leopard holds 2 dice in reserve

Boar grapples 12+2=14
Leopard grapples 10+3=13

Leopard is thrown off, back to melee range
Boar attacks with tusks, last die 12+9=21
Leopard defends with 1 die 5+7=12

Hit, Damage 6+2=8 (-1 natural armor)=7

The crafty boar flings the Leopard off his back and, turning the tables on him, gores him with his tusks
Round 4 Range = Melee Leopard 8 HP, Boar 9 HP

Leopard Bite (bypass) 2 dice 15 6 15+10=25
Boar Defend 1 die 20

Miss, Counterattack

Boar slash 1 die 14+9=23

Leopard Defend 3 dice 9 20 3 (natural 20 )
(The wounded leopard, wary now, is taking no chances and puts 3 dice into his Defense. Normally his Natural 20 would mean another counterattack but the Leopard has no dice remaining so the round is over)

Round 5 Range = Melee Leopard 8 HP, Boar 9 HP
Enraged, and tasting blood, the Leopard is trying to get one more good bite in to finish off the Boar

Leopard Bite 3 die (bypass) 12 20 3
Boar Defend 15

Hit, Damage 6+3=9 (Boar now at 25 damage=0 hit points)
Even though the Boar is mortally wounded now (0 HP) due to his Ferocity trait he can keep fighting until he reaches -10 HP (dead))

(this bite puts them at grapple range thanks to the Leopards Improved Grab)

Rake 2 die (bypass) 9 16 16+10=26
Boar Defend 2 die 9 14 14+3=17

Hit 4+3=7

Round 6 Range = Grapple Leopard 8 HP, Boar -7 HP

Leopard Bite (automatic)

Hit 4+3=7


Boar is dead

The Leopard settles down to a well earned meal of the other white meat
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