Fencing tournament in Houston last weekend

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Fencing tournament in Houston last weekend

Postby Galloglaich » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:14 pm

I was in an historical fencing tournament in Houston last weekend, I made it to the quarter finals by some unholy miracle, here are a couple of my fights:

http://freifechter.com/videos/houston/H ... Carlos.wmv

http://freifechter.com/videos/houston/H ... owdown.wmv

Here is the final, between Jake Norwood former deputy director of ARMA and current senior member of the HEMA Alliance (and also the designer of the popular Role Playing Game The Riddle of Steel) vs. Axel Peterson of Gotheburg Historical Fencing Society from Gotheburg Sweden. You'll notice their fencing is about 10 times better than in the matches I was in.

http://freifechter.com/videos/houston/H ... orwood.wmv

Sadly for America (and the RPG community), Axel won (he won both tournaments that day) but it was a great fight.

You can see all the fights from the tournament here:


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